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Activities at AC Delco Bowmen

Apart from our weekly club evenings and coaching sessions on Saturday, we also have activities for those who would just like to try archery once before signing up for a 4-week beginners course!


Once a month we offer the opportunity to try out archery in a 2 hour session. Look at the event calendar to find the next date of a have a go! For 5 pound you can shoot one of our beginner bows with help from one of our coaches. If you enjoy it and want to learn more you can sign up to one of our beginner's courses!

Birthday parties

Would you like to try shooting? Or do you already shoot but want to show your friends? We can help you host an archery birthday party! Whether you are new to archery or would like to introduce your friends to it, we will try our best to make it a great day for everyone. To discuss whether an archery party would be suitable for you, please contact Egan at

The archery experience

The bow style that you will be shooting during the archery experience. The Archery Experience is aimed at anyone who wants a short, exhilarating introduction to archery which combines challenge and fun in equal measure!

One of our qualified coaches will start by taking you through the basics of shooting and give you the opportunity to use a full recurve style competition bow with stabilizers and all the trimmings, just as they shoot in the Olympics. (Don’t worry, we will make sure you can draw it back comfortably, whatever your level of strength.)

Then comes the finale - you will get to shoot a competition against one (maybe even two) of our top archers at a distance of 10-15 yards. Seems a little unfair? Well, to level the playing field, we will blindfold the archer you will go up against!

The Archery Experience makes a great gift for people who enjoy dipping more than just a toe in the water. For more information, prices and gift certificates, please contact Nick at

Looking forward to seeing you all at our field!

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