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Handicaps and classification

A handicap and classification system is operated by the club Records Officer in accordance with Archery GB Rules of Shooting. An archer not in possession of a handicap will be eligible to receive a handicap after shooting three complete rounds. These rounds must be shot at tournament or on declared Club Target Days (for the lower classifications).

The classification system is as follows in descending order:

Tiny AC Delco BadgeGMB - Grand Master Bowman
Tiny AC Delco BadgeMB - Master Bowman
Tiny AC Delco BadgeBowmen
Tiny AC Delco Badge1st Class
Tiny AC Delco Badge2nd Class
Tiny AC Delco Badge3rd Class
Tiny AC Delco BadgeUnclassified

(There are equivalent junior classifications.)

The Records Officer will circulate forms for you to provide your scores from the indoor (in May/June) and outdoor (in December/January) seasons. They will then calculate your handicap and classification for the year which will be published at the AGM. If you need to know your handicap during the season (for example, for a handicap shoot) just ask the Records Officer.

The junior and senior members achieving the most improved handicaps for the outdoor season (subject to the appropriate Archery GB rules) will be awarded the Archery GB Handicap Improvers Medal to hold for one year at the AGM.

If you think you have broken a club record please remember to let the Records Officer know.

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