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Rules and regulations

All members of our clubs are required to follow Archery GB's code of conduct, which can be found in the documents on their website. If you have any questions, please speak to any committee member or our CPO.

Please take note of the following club "bylaws" concerning good practice and security at our venues:

Tiny AC Delco BadgeAll archers will treat each other with respect.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeParking on the field is restricted to archers with registered mobility problems.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeWith the exception of the coaching team and designated Field Captain, those who are not shooting must remain behind the equipment line whilst shooting is in progress.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeDo not leave the storage box unlocked.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeDo not leave any of the combination locks open - that is with the combination showing; ensure that you randomise the tumblers when the lock is closed.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeEnsure that you close and lock the gate to the field when leaving the range.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeMake sure that all target faces are removed from bosses and returned to storage area. If you feel a target face is shot out please take it home and dispose of it and inform the equipment officer that a replacement is needed.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeTake all rubbish and debris away with you.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeIf you are unfortunate enough to miss the target and be unable to find the arrow even after a thorough search, please record a description and location on the white board above the storage box. You can also mark the area on the range with one of the flags left in the storage box. When the arrow turns up, the person holding it and location found will be noted on the notice board.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeThere are to be no fires of any type on the range.
Tiny AC Delco BadgeThe use of kites and radio-controlled vehicles, including drones, is not permitted so we don't scare the horses and because of our proximity to the flight-path into Eastleigh Airport!

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