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AC Delco Juniors

A view of targets at different distances on competition day.

Welcome to the web pages for the Junior section of AC Delco Bowmen Archery Club!

AC Delco Bowmen Archery Club is actually two clubs in one: there is a Junior club as well as one for adults. Junior archers shoot at the same time as the senior archers, especially on Tuesday evenings and all day on Saturdays.

Junior archers (those under the age of 18) do need to be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them when at the club field or Thornden School when we shoot indoors. An adult from your family or a guardian must also be a member of the club; they do not have to be a shooting member as non-shooting membership is available. Any letters we send have to be addressed to an adult member of the club but your name will be included - don't worry there are not too many letters each year!

252 Certificates

The club uses the 252 scheme to measure progress. You can shoot a 252 round at any imperial distance on a 122 cm face (the big one!). If you score over 252 you get a certificate. Speak to the records officer or one of the other coaches if you would like to join in the fun!

You can shoot a 252 round at any time when you're at the field, and on a club evening (Tuesday) you might even get some other people shooting the same round with you. Keep an eye on the events calendar for up-to-date information.


As a junior archer you will be encouraged to shoot in local competitions (especially in the friendly tournaments we organise ourselves). Junior archers are divided into groups accordng to age (under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18) so you will only be competing against other boys or girls close to your own age. The distances you would be expected to shoot is also based on your age but you can shoot shorter (or longer) distances than this while you are getting into shooting competitions.

Junior Postal Competitions

Do you want to know how you compare with junior archers at other clubs all around the country? Well you can find out by entering in one (or both!) of the postal competitions specifically for junior archers.

July National  During the summer the club encourages all junior archers to enter the July National Postal competition. This involves you shooting six dozen arrows at two distaces (a "National" round) appropriate to your age group. Your best score is entered against juniors from all around the country.

You can shoot the round as many times as you like in the month of July but you only send in the best score you shot. It's really as simple as that! Submit your best score card to the club's Junior Representative who will then forward the score to Archery GB for processing. Section winners receive a small award from Archery GB.

November Challenge  There is also a postal competition that takes place in the autumn, which is known as the November Challenge. For this competition, you shoot indoors at Thornden School on a Tuesday evening. Indoors we shoot the "Portsmouth" round which is five dozen arrows shot at 20 yards on a 60cm face. Before shooting, you tell the club's Junior Representative if you are going to use the first or the last three dozen arrows out of the five dozen you shoot as your entry into the Challenge. Your score for the three dozen arrows will be sent to Archery GB and compared to the scores of other junior archers from around the country.

The results of the July Nationals and November Challenge are published on the Archery GB web site. Go on have a go!

Club Records

The club Records Officer keeps track of the best scores shot by a junior archer for each of the "official" rounds. These a published on the Records page on this web site. Some of the people whose names you see against junior records are now senior members of the club. Can you shoot a better score on a Tuesday Club Target night or at a competition and take the record from them?

Happy Shooting!

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