Compound Junior Ladies Club Records

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Round Archer Score Date
Bristol 1/Hereford Clare Savage 800 11/04/1999
Short Windsor Clare Savage 805 18/07/1998
Junior Windsor Melissa Dawes 832 22/08/2008
Western Clare Savage 561 27/06/1999
Short Western Clare Savage 657 06/06/1999
American Melissa Dawes 614 16/06/2009
St. Nicholas Melissa Dawes 704 02/06/2009
Warwick Melissa Dawes 298 25/08/2009
WA Standard Melissa Dawes 559 09/06/2009
WA 1440(70) / Metric 1 Clare Savage 901 25/07/1999
Short Metric Melissa Dawes 476 05/12/2009

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